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• Emergency repairs appointments can be made day or night - 365 days a year!

• Our hourly rates are $129/hour per man from 8AM to 4:30PM Monday through Friday with a truck charge of $75 per invoice

• Before 8AM & after 4:30PM, nights, weekends & holidays the rate is $195/hour per man with a truck charge of $75 per invoice

• Travel time is billed out at the normal hourly rate one way only

• Our service technicians are trained to fix all major air conditioning & refrigeration brands.

Restaurants & bars

Restaurants need dependable systems to keep your business running. You need your ice machine to work every single day. You need your food to be refrigerated in something that you can count on. You need your customers to be warm when they walk into your place in the winter. Talk with us to make sure that you have exactly what you need to be successful!

Healthcare facilities

Your goal is to take care of those people that are in your building. To be able to have your A/C & Heating system working accurately is a must. You will also want to make sure that you have a accountable refrigeration and freezer to keep food at a safe temperature for your visitors. Meet with us to make sure you have what you need to accomplish this and more.

office buildings

You are busy running your business, so you want to rely on your A/C & Heating systems to work consistently and accurately to save you money. You must keep up your preventative maintenance so there is no disruption in your work environment and make sure that you have the products needed to best suit your building.

Seafood industries

Your business relies on freshness in your product, so you should have a dependable product that fits your needs and will keep your items cold for as long as you need them to be. Walk in ice machines, chillers and more should be reliable and working as efficient as they can for you.


Your business needs to focus on research and controlling your environment to keep all of our research working as it should. You will need to make sure the temperatures are exactly as you need them in your workspace where many machines are working, so they do not overheat. You need to preserve any biological research, as well, so that you get accurate results.

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